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Paper Presentation

The presentation topics will be clearly defined by the course schedule. Each student is expected to prepare one or two 25-30 minutes presentations on assigned research papers. Preparation will involve critical analysis of papers, collecting background material as well as designing and preparing the slides. Web-based reference material and/or notes should be made available on the course resource list for all. You should think carefully about what to present and how, and be conscious of what you can reasonably cover in 25-30 minutes presentation with questions/discussion.

Paper Selection

Each student must specify there preference for each paper listed in the presentation schedule.

Once you signup on piazza, password for the bidding system will be emailed to you soon. Please submit your preferences for presentation in the bidding system by 11:59 PM February 07, 2016, otherwise you will be arbitrarily assigned a paper from the pool of unassigned papers.

Preparing a Presentation (Recommendation from Prof. M Karsten)

The general goal when reading a research paper is to answer the following questions, which will often be necessary to follow references and/or find other work.

Making a Presentation (Recommendation from Prof. Jay Black)

Your presentation should take about 30 minutes (including discussion). The challenge is to pay strict attention to timing, to what you need to communicate in the time you have, and to how you get your point across.

You will be given marks in each of three categories:

Paper Review

The paper review system is located here. Each student will be assigned 2 papers every week to review except on the week he/she is presenting. Check out the guidelines in the review system for explanation on how to review a paper. Paper reviews must be submitted before or on 11:59 AM on the day of the presentation.

Presentation Review

The presentation review form is located here. Presentation reviews are to be submitted under given guidelines before or on Saturday 11:59 PM following the day of the presentation. If you are the presenter, you should also post your presentation as attachment on piazza.