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The default form for a project is as a research proposal of 10 to 15 pages. It should include a survey of the relevant literature, identification and justification for one or more research projects that should be undertaken, and a discussion of the expected contributions that might be made should the research project be successful. Providing a practical component, such as a simulation study or a prototype implementation/experimentation is a big plus.

Draft Project Timeline

Proposal Format

Write a 2-3 page proposal that describes:

  1. The problem you plan to study
    • Be specific!!!
  2. Why you think it's important
    • You should want to read this paper because...
  3. Related work you have found so far
  4. What you plan to do including:
    1. Specific milestones you will achieve; these serve as a baseline -- something that is evaluate-able, but not very impressive.
    2. Specific milestones you plan to achieve
    3. Specific milestones you could achieve if things go incredibly well and you find yourselves ahead of schedule; this is the list of cool things you could do building on the accomplishments of a + b.
Examples of specific milestones include: do a thorough literature survey of the problem, write code implementing A,B,C; run experiments X,Y,Z to measure 1,2,3; or analyze/prove the performance of system XX.

Sample Project Topics

You can either select a topic from the list below, or come up with your own.

Sample Project Ideas