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Enabling Distributed (Management) Applications for Network Services

Last updated: 12-juin-2004


The objective of this project is to identify and explore new enabling technologies and management paradigms that reduce the complexity and cost of network and service management, and OSS (operation support system) integration in Telecom networks. The key premise of this research is to push automation of management functions into the network and service components, resulting in true “plug-n-play” management.

The main approach of this research is to consider service management, not as a centralized or highly hierarchical system, but as loosely coupled distributed applications that autonomously distribute service configuration data, maintain state, report faults, monitor performance, detect intrusions, etc. The establishment of such autonomous network and service platform must be considered in multi-technology, multi-service, and multi-domain context. New emerging technologies, such as peer-to-peer, grid, and web service will be investigated as potential technological enablers of our research objectives.

Consideration of management as a distributed and automated application presents immediate challenges in a number of key areas:
1. Resource naming and addressing
2. Resource and service discovery
3. Open service architecture
4. Service definition language and access protocol
5. Service component provision
6. Management Automation via goals, tasks, and policies

The outcome of this research is an experimental open service architecture for the deployment, configuration, management, and monitoring of network services. In addition to deriving distributed schemes for resource naming, addressing, and discovery, composing management goal creation tools, service definition languages, and access interfaces, this research will result in a comprehensive and novel management platform that is open, customizable, dynamic, resilient, and autonomous.